Assembly and safety

Simplicity and reliability

Simple, efficient & nomadic

The Velaqua aquabike was designed with a minimum of parts. It can be assembled and disassembled in 1 minute. Disassembled, it takes little space and you can take it with you wherever you want to continue your exercises.
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The Velaqua aquabike is made with a minimum of parts to facilitate its assembly and guarantee its solidity.

Convenient, the saddle is factory fitted. You have nothing to do.

The saddle is made of low density polyethylene & EVA to give flexibility and comfort. The frame and floats are made of high density polyethylene for rigidity and strength.

Here are the components of a Velaqua:


Thanks to a double safety, the floats cannot be detached from the frame. Even if a mounting plug comes off, the float will remain attached to the frame.

To secure its attachment, the float must be rotated 90 ° on the head of the frame. Once it is in place, the cap provides double security.

Velaqua is unsikable. Its center of gravity located underwater makes it self-righting in normal use.

For children, Velaqua should be used under adult supervision.

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