Find in these videos some of the many achievable exercises with Velaqua TRAINER

To you to invent more !


Scéance vélaqua.

A method based on both aquabiking and aquagym has been specially designed by coaches coming from these respective disciplines, to become « velaqua'gym ».


Basic exercises

1.Pedalling forwards with hands on float

Large movements with back straight and stomach tight.

2.Pedalling backwards with hands on float

Large movements, back-pedalling, with back straight and stomach tight.

3.Pedalling forwards + arm scissors

Large movements, palms facing the direction they are pushing in.

4.Pedalling backwards + reverse breast stroke

Sweeping movements, with stomach contracted when arms are wide.

5.Leg scissors, legs straight with hands on float

Works legs and oblique muscles, with toes pointed.

6.Knee lifts, with hands on float

Abdominals contracted, heels pointing downwards.

7.Hands on float, raise yourself upwards

Arms straight, stomach and buttocks contracted.

8.Swing position, hands on floats, legs tightly together

Works the abdominals. Raise and lower legs with toes pointed.

9.Swing position, hands on floats, legs bent and tightly together

With back straight, lift feet up to the surface of the water, then lower again.

10.Aside the Velaqua, on your front, hands on the seat, arms stretched out straight

Kick your legs vigorously with stomach tight.