What the experts say…

The VELAQUA TRAINER has a wide range of uses, including aquagym activities, leisure and physical rehabilitation.
We asked professionals about how they used it:


In rehabilitation:

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The Velaqua is great piece of rehabilitation equipment for a therapy centre. Firstly, it’s unsinkable, giving the patient peace of mind and confidence when exercising in the pool. It provides stability when doing the various exercises. We can use it in musculoskeletal rehabilitation as well as to treat neuromotor conditions.
We also use it the other way round, with the person sitting between the two floats as well as astride, as on a bike.


How can the Velaqua help? 

Cardio-pulmonary and muscular benefits:
Depending on the intensity of the exercises, it can be used during the warm-up stage to get the cardio-pulmonary system working gradually along with the joints and muscles. We therefore get patients to do slow, sweeping movements using their lower limbs.
Increasing the intensity of these movements will make the muscles and cardio-pulmonary system work harder. We can even use it for resistance work, monitored by the therapist or sports trainer in the water with the patient: the patient “walks” in the water by pedalling, without their feet touching the bottom of the pool, while the trainer or therapist pushes to stop the Velaqua moving.

Coordination and balance:
Partly because of its excellent stability, the Velaqua can also be used to improve coordination and balance. The patient sits on the Velaqua, whilst we give them exercises using both their upper and their lower limbs. Depending on their ability and degree of self-confidence, the patient can sit astride the equipment for better stability, so that they can also grasp the float in front of them if necessary. A patient with better core balance will sit sideways. The therapist or trainer will ask the patient to do similar exercises, regardless of the position they are in.
The Velaqua can also be used as a “walking frame”. A patient who has difficulty walking, particularly in terms of their stability, can use it to walk in the water. Again, the equipment can be used in either direction, depending on the individual ability of the patient. We also use it to encourage patients' autonomy, since patients no longer require any manual assistance to walk in the water. This is particularly beneficial in patients with severe neuromotor conditions, when they are unable or virtually unable to walk (when out of the pool). They love having a certain degree of independence in the pool.
As well as being beneficial for the cardio-pulmonary system, the musculoskeletal system and general balance, the Velaqua also facilitates autonomy and helps to make pool-based rehabilitation more fun. We often finish our hydrotherapy sessions with ball games, both for individual and collective sessions. This enables people suffering from severe neurological disorders to enjoy some form of social contact.

We don't use the Velaqua for the whole session, but as you can see, it can be incorporated at any time, to suit the particular aims of the therapist.


                                                                          Martine LE GUEN                                                   Docteur François MOUTET
                                                                         Senior Physiotherapist                                        Medical Director

In public pools:


Pierre, a sports coach in Antibes, gives his verdict:

Once you get over your initial amazement at seeing the VELAQUA, you soon realise that  the VELAQUA'GYM is perfect for water-based fitness and aquagym sessions!

This equipment can be used to work all muscle groups, as well as improving stamina and strength, by varying the intensity of the exercises.

As well as being fun to use, it can be used in depths of 1.4m or greater, and is easy to put up and store away. Another key benefit is that it’s

twice as light as an aquabike, which is handy!