You have probably already thought « aquabiking » and/or « aquagym » if:

  • As a professional you wish to innovate and diversify your offers to meet your participants increased request.
  • As an informed user, you hope to maximise the beneficial effects of both aquabiking and aquagym.

Pourquoi le velaqua ?

The choice of an aquatic bike can remain a problem, both for the administrator of swimming pools and for the private individual, in view of various currently unalterable criteria:

  • Weight
  • Price
  • Reliability in time
  • The coating of the swimming pool
  • The height of water
  • The intrinsic technical possibilities

Forget all this with « Velaqua », the first apparatus that can conciliate both aspects.

The Velaqua is the first aquabike or floating bike, that cannot sink nor capsize, and... without pedals. It is however enough to make a pedal-like movement to advance or move back!

Magical? No, a pure revolution!