The VELAQUA success story is built on teamwork. It all started with an inventor and a businessman.

Following a serious motorcycling accident, Yves Coffournic designed a floating aquabike to make the long and painful months of rehabilitation in the pool more bearable. The VELAQUA was born.

Ludovic Hérail, a senior manager with a major sports equipment retailer, was impressed by this new floating device, which combines fun and fitness.

Sensing the vélaqua's commercial potential, he brought in Eric and Bruno.

The team of water-sports enthusiasts then decided to pool their strengths and skills to bring the VELAQUA to various aquatic areas.

Over the months, thanks to each member's experience in his field and the addition of a cutting-edge design office and quality French manufacturing, the progress was incredible.

The constant pursuit of innovation led to the development of the flagship model: the VELAQUA TRAINER, which has breathtaking design and performance.





The maxim we have adopted is “Enjoy sport....Feel good” to help us come up with the best possible products for aquatic sports.

        SOCIAL philosophy: To manage the business in a manner that actively recognises its central role in society, by devising new ways of enhancing the quality of life for all.
       PRODUCT philosophy: To design, manufacture and distribute sports and water activity products as part of an environmentally responsible strategy.
       FINANCIAL philosophy: To run the company on a viable financial basis - so as to enable our employees to flourish within the business - and in a spirit of partnership with our suppliers.

If you like the sound of the Velaqua, why not call or email us, and we promise that Ludo will let you experience this amazing water craft... We just know you’re going to love... the Velaqua!

So, there you have it.  Come and explore the VELAQUA community with us. We're waiting!

We aim to design and manufacture all our products in France.


To take on such a venture, you need quality team members. Of these people, the VELAQUA TEAM would like to extend special thanks to:
DORIER PLAST makes engineered parts by extrusion blow moulding (tanksducts, bottles, decorative componentsmiscellaneous containers, etc.), manages the entire project, from its design through to batch production, (part finishesmachining, etc.), and has special state of the art equipment.

DORIER PLAST acts as a genuine product planning partner. Its design department works to optimise the process needed to make products suitable for large-scale manufacture.



MATISSART designs and manufactures the moulds used in the extrusion blow moulding process for the Packaging and Engineered Parts industry.

 Part-de-rêve design produit industriel Nantes agence design Nantes
No slave to current trends and fashions, the designer roots the product firmly in its own era. Our approach dovetails with the need to consider economic, social and industrial components - inescapable realities when designing new products.

Our ability to grasp new technologies and the latest processes adds an extra dimension to your R&D services.

At the same time, the designer examines user/product relationships in order to identify new services and products that are better suited to our society.

The vision of our team, with its abundance of creative ideas, lends a solid strategic dimension to your business, whilst our expertise aims to identify your strongest indicators that can be enhanced by our specialist know-how.

Design, however, is primarily about creating value and meaning. It lays bare the product’s responsive side, the side capable of triggering a purchase and creating a sustainable image for your business.